ru_doragon's Journal

19 November 1985
I have many passions in my life. I have passion for the care of others, the care of animals, writing and reading. I have a strong interest in the Arts, though more as an observer then a participant.

I am a life-time caregiver, currently working as a Personal Care Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aid. I'm also going through school at National American University for my Medical Assistant. I'm going through my core Medical Assistant classes at the moment, planning on testing through AAMA to get my CMA upon graduation, which will be in winter/spring 2014. I have knowledge of medical terms, anatomy, physiology, lifespan development, Psychology as well as ADL cares and basic administrative activities.

While my career is very important to me, my life also focuses on the needs of my family. I am spending my days and free times with my friends and in the care for two beautiful and wonderful bunnies. I am a creative person, and my creativity is apart of every aspect of my life, including problem solving.

I'm a fairly open book, I'm always willing to answer any question one has about me, unless the questions directly effect those around me.
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