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Oven Roasted Duck

May. 14th, 2008 | 11:01 am
mood: happyhappy
music: Random stuff

Well, I suppose I should do the whole journal thingy (you know, since this is a journal website and all), so here goes nothing.

We had company over the other night, it was a lot of fun. Adam, Angela and Devon joined Ava-babe and myself for a nice little meal. For a while we sat around and watched My Neighbor Totoro, about up to the point of the Cat Bus because we got lost to much in random chit chat.  Angela and Devon brought some really tasty Veggie Egg rolls (and I actually liked them, don't normally like egg rolls), we ate those for an appetizer as Ava-babe finished up the Duck. Then with the Duck (Angela had some imitation chicken breast that looked great) we had Cheesy rice (that Ava made in her new Rice Cooker that she's so excited about), and some nice Green Tea that we had been saving, it all tasted great. After dinner we sat around, chatted, and ate some fruit thingies (kind of like a strawberry shortcake, but with all the berries). Everything was great!

We hope to be getting together again next week (maybe Tuesday around the same time) for maybe some Chili or something along those lines. Hopefully this time Julian isn't so unsure of our guests and comes out and visits a bit more. Hiro, of course, loved the extra company and only really wanted to come out and play (though she can't cause she's spraying everything trying to get Julian to notice that she's ready to have babies, we almost have enough to get her fixed though).

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